Welcome to Dietetic Centre

Each of us is a unique individual. We differ between each other in age, sex, height, weight, different body composition (amount of body fat and muscles, metabolism) and other lifestyle. Therefore, a proper diet must take into account all these factors, plus food preferences. Person claiming dietary advice is treated individually. Proper diet meets the demand for energy and all the necessary nutritional components thus providing an appropriate body weight and well-being. If you feel that feeding you've used to is not appropriate, you lack of energy and constant fatigue, you're overweight, we will advise You how to eat properly, compose a healthy wholesome meals and help to establish the proper eating habits.



   Who is a nutritionist? Nutritionist is a interdisciplinary specialist, focused on the study of food, planning, supervision and applying the scientific basis of nutrition, individually and collectively for all population groups. Nutritionist establish a proper and rational nutrition, especially in times of sickness and in special condition of the human body. Nutritionist knowledge includes food preparation process, as well as issues of its adaptation to the needs of the body, depending on its condition and age.