- Slimming diet


- Diabetes diet 


- Food allergy & food intolerance diet


- Irrytable bowel syndrome diet


- Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto diet 


- PCOS diet


- Hypertension & hypercholesterolemia diet


- Pregnant and breast feeding women diet


- Osteoporosis diet


- Heartburn & indigestion diet


- High protein diet




Food intolerance test

Bloated after certain foods? Tired at certain times of the day ? Suffer headaches for no apparent reason? These are only a few symptoms of food intolerance.




Body Composition Analysis


On the first visit we define the composition of the body, using most advanced technology body composition analyzer. In addition to weight, we find out body fat percentage, hydration level, muscle mass, biological age, bone mass and visceral fat. With this advanced technology we can monitor changes in the proportions between the different tissues. The measurement of body composition is a non-invasive, completely safe and reliable. We also check blood pressure and glucose level in the blood.

Thanks to precise identification of body composition we can properly assess the excess body fat, determine the recommended weight, optimize your diet and exercise program.




Nutritional and health interview


During the first visit we carry out a detailed nutritional and health interview. We recommend additional tests if there is such a need. 




Dietary supplements and organic certified food


Offer include a very wide range of healthy GMO free organic food products which can be introduced in the diet plan and boost the results.