First consultation 70 euro


Nutritional and health interview, body composition analysis, discussion about food preferences and eating habits. We check general health, physical activity and ask about your lifestyle. We choose healthy products which You could eat and the ones you should avoid. If there is such a need we recommend additional tests

Second consultation 100 euro

Receive a 14 day diet, discuss it (every meal is described in detail), the calculation of basic metabolism, the calculation of the total metabolism depending on physical activity, calculation of ideal body weight, the suggested modification of diet, nutrition guidelines and the selection of products and cooking techniques recommended and not recommended, tips for effective and healthy weight loss, physical activity messages and set a date for the control visit. A professional report that indicates the state of health based on the medical analyzer.

Control visit 80 euro

It is used to monitor progress, modifying diet, solving problems. The patient gets additional 7 days of menu and can clarify all doubts. We update the composition of the body.

Dietary consultation without diet 70 euro

A one-time consultation, during which we discuss the recommendations and contraindications in the diet in the selected unit of sickness.